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Our mission and core values

Inspiring children and adults to be more active in a world where waste is a valuable commodity and has a positive impact on humans, animals, the environment and society.


Moving towards a circular model, where waste is seen as a valuable commodity. In our case plastic. Innovation in plastic recycling so that it becomes a valuable raw material. This is how we tackle the big waste pile!


Playing, exercising and being active, makes everyone happy and healthy. We make it easy for people to become more active, by developing playground equipment that is within easy reach and safe for everyone.

Stand out

A good intention only impacts when it reaches a lot of people and encourages change. To motivate and inspire, we do things with lots of appeal and with great attention.

Act now

Learning-by-doing, that’s the engine of innovation and change. Doing things on a trial and error basis. Experiment, like a child does. By ACTING NOW, we achieve goals that initially seem impossible.


Redefining problems in to fun challenges. Inspire children to tackle challenges in today’s society by making it FUN. That’s how we make the difference. And it can also be FUN for the adults, of course!

The adventure

The Pump Track Foundation develops sports and playground equipment made from recycled plastic and within easy reach for everyone. These motivate people of all ages to have fun while exercising more, and be more conscious of plastic waste.

The plastic challenge

The amount of plastic waste is growing at an alarming rate causing enormous problems. In oceans, turtles become trapped in plastic bags, forests are littered with plastic bottles and our trash cans overflow from all the plastic packaging! We started an adventure to recycle large quantities of plastic and turn it into beautiful playground equipment for children and their parents. Being more conscious of plastic, and transforming plastic waste into a valuable commodity. That’s the goal.

Play outdoors and exercise

We help children and their parents to be more active. We are committed to making playground equipment that is within easy reach for everyone. We start with the Plastic Track. A pump track made from recycled plastic. The Plastic Track is multi-functional and invites people to start moving in a fun and easy way. A pump track has a wide appeal and it invites people to socialize. Young people and the elderly spend the day together and encourage each other to exercise more.

All ages

We believe that playground equipment should be very safe and within easy reach for everyone, so that even the youngest children can participate. And we challenge adults with a clever design. Our first product is the Plastic Track made from recycled plastic. The Plastic Track is multi-functional and suitable for all wheels. Combine the track with the education program for people who want to be more active and do something about the plastic problem.

Reduce, re-use, recycle

The plastic waste pile is growing rapidly and we are confronted with the consequences for humans, animals and the environment on a daily basis. About time we start doing something about that, right!?

To reduce the waste pile it is very important to do something about the influx of plastic. This can be achieved by using less single-use plastic, like packaging material (reduce). Stopping the enormous supply is important, but this won’t make the plastic waste pile disappear. We also need to look at the outflow of the pile before it ends up in the environment. Through clever reuse, old plastic products get a new use and their lifespan is extended (re-use). Our education program creates awareness, because often we find the solutions right in front of us.

To reduce the waste pile we also need to consider recycling plastic. At the moment only about 30% of the collected plastic can be recycled. This is caused by an inefficient proces of plastic collection and sorting, but also due to a lack of innovative high-quality products that can be produced from recycled plastic. We are going to do something about that! So it makes sense that we use recycled plastic for the production of the Plastic Track.

Circular and 100 years of warranty

Plastic is mainly seen as waste and ends up in our oceans, forests and beside roads. It causes huge problems for both humans and animals. If we want to change this, we need to stop treating plastic as waste, and start seeing it as a valuable raw material. Plastic goods can re-enter the circular chain for the production of recycled products. That’s how we stop plastic from polluting the environment.

The Plastic Track is made from recycled plastic. Once the track reaches the end of it’s life-span or when something breaks, we will recycle it into new Plastic Track parts. By offering 100 years of warranty, we make sure our children can also play in a world with less plastic waste.

The world's largest 3D printer

Innovation is needed in order to produce high-quality playground equipment from recycled plastic. That’s why we put the world’s largest 3D printer to work, and bring our creative ideas to life. The printer can print products up to 4 x 2 meters! Perfect for our Plastic Track. By experimenting we discover which plastics are the most suitable for recycling. Follow our adventure!


The goal of our education program is to inspire children and give them tools to motivate adult to start moving more and be more conscious of plastic waste. Children learn best being active. So the modules of the education program has a strong focus on active assignments. Meet our superhero Turtle Timmy and his cool friends. Timmy takes you on his adventures in which he combats plastic waste. Participate in fun assignments and learn how to ride BMX bikes on the Plastic Track. You can even earn your own Plastic Track by collecting plastic with your school!

I am passionate to make a difference and I am committed to create a positive impact within social themes. I do this pro-actively with enthusiasm and decisiveness. Creating beautiful and accessible products and programs that make people happy. That’s what motivates me.
Silke Smit-Brouwer

I consider problems as challenges. And I never back out of a challenge. In fact, the quest for finding solutions that really work gives me energy! During my studies in sustainable development I did research on Antarctica. The environment was breathtaking and made me realize how fragile our world is.
Tim Smit

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